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Celebrating 27 Years!

The Television Syndication Company (TVS) is a full-service syndication and distribution organization that provides the best of new programming from the world’s most creative producers to broadcast outlets worldwide.  The company’s services include barter syndication in the USA; cash licensing worldwide; associated offices that cover the globe; and active acquisition of programming.

TVS is known for the wide catalog of programs available for cash licensing both domestically and internationally. Genres include documentaries, children’s, reality, sports, lifestyle, and travel among others. The company has licensed programs to major broadcasters throughout the USA and the world. TVS attends the main TV markets, including NATPE, MIPTV, MIPCOM and the MultiMedia Market for in-flight entertainment. Associate offices cover other markets including DISCOP and the Asia Television Forum.

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Living Treasures of the Yucatán

Mexico's Yucatan peninsula has a rich history dating back to 1500 BC. Remnants of the Mayan civilization remain. But, the smaller, less visual treasures - the traditions practiced by the most important assets of this land - its people, have all but disappeared. Living Treasures of the Yucatán tells the personal stories of men and women who work at jobs unchanged from years ago—jobs which, in some cases, will disappear when these last few practitioners are no longer with us. Available in English and Neutral Spanish. Available Q3 2018 (13 x 30', HD)

Attending MIPTV in Cannes April 9-12, 2018? We'd love to see you there! TVS will be holding meetings at New Dominion Pictures stand P-1.G80. To set a meeting or for more information regarding any of TVS' programs, please contact:

Mary Joyce, International Sales Executive: 
1.407.788.6407 or email

Cassie M. Yde, President:
1.407.788.6407 or email

Recent Acquisitions

Ultimate Fishing with Matt Watson
(13 x 60', HD)

Living Treasures of the Yucatan
(13 x 30', HD)

I Got Rhythm - The Science of Song
(1 x 60', HD)

This is Palestine
(1 x 60', HD)

Food Quest
(14 x 30', HD & 4K)

Pets in Paradise TV
(26 x 30', HD)

TRIP Ecuador
(12 x 30', HD & 4K)

The Outsiders Club
(23 x 30', HD)

Frontier Tastes and Tales
(13 x 30', HD & 4K)

Chef Roc
(130 x 30', HD)

Wilbur: The King in the Ring
(1 x 60', HD)

Spitfire Paddy
(1 x 60', HD)

Bishop Garage
(20 x 30', HD)

Lifeline: The Untold Story of Saving the Pulse Survivors
(1 x 60', HD)

Sports Stars of Tomorrow (International)
(13 x 30', HD)
Sports (available 4th quarter 2017)

The Dust Storm
(1 x 96', HD)

Where Do We Go From Here?
(1 x 82', HD)

Are We There Yet?
(5 x 60' or 10 x 30', HD)

(14 x 30', HD)

Positively Paula
(26 x 30', HD)

10 Things to Know About...
(18 x 30', HD)

Both Worlds
(58 x 30', HD)

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