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80 Waves

80 WavesSpectacular videography captures the culture, wildlife and beautiful scenery of exotic surf spots like Fiji, Hawaii, and Bali.  See the riders interviewed and watch with amazement as they take on the big iconic waves such as Hawaii’s ‘Jaws” and Indonesia’s “G-Land”. Set to an eclectic collection of original music.  (1x61', HD) Watch trailer

Both Worlds

Both WorldsSocial tolerance meets cultural diversity as a group of conflicted young people from migrant backgrounds face the ultimate challenge of trying to be true to themselves while conforming to the expectations of their parents and communities.  Their life-changing journeys have pushed the young people to their emotional limits and caused them to question their place in the world. Distributed in cooperation with Network Ireland Television. (26x30', HD) Watch trailer


BulliedAwareness of the global bullying crisis is brought to light through stories from teachers, legislators, the bullied victims, and the bullies themselves. In each episode, experts in psychology discuss the causes behind bul­lying and possible solutions for solving a bully crisis. The series provides both children and adults in­formation for getting the help they need to put an end to the epidemic.  (5x30', HD) Watch trailer

Close Ties: Tying on a New Tradition

Close TiesClose Ties provides an intimate look at a rites of passage ceremony that connects teenage boys with male role models. It examines the impact of this new tradition and shows us how tying a necktie --- an act associated with men who embody professionalism and prestige --- can inspire low performing black American high school boys to commit to a life of achievement and success. (1 x 60') High Definition. Watch trailer

The Color of Change

The Color of ChangePrior to 1947 when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier, African-Americans were stonewalled from baseball and forced to form their own league. Josh Gibson, Satchel Paige and "Cool Papa" Bell "barnstormed" their places into American history. Former Negro League player and manager Buck O'Neil, along with Bryan Burwell (HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel and Inside the NFL), recount the trials and tribulations of the baseball league built by racism and its ultimate demise. Features Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith. (1 x 60') High Definition.

Curator's Vault

Curator's VaultAn automotive series featuring some of the finest car museums in the world. Shot in the US, Germany, Holland, France, and Italy this is a must see adventure for any automotive enthusiast. Currently airing on Velocity in the USA. (HD, 13 x 30')
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I Killed John Lennon

I Killed John LennnonMark Chapman, the man who killed the iconic founder of The Beatles in 1980 is remembered as one of the most notorious killers of the 20th century.  Why did this middle class young man who idolized The Beatles kill his hero? The assassination of John Lennon is chillingly recreated through reconstructions and Chapman's actual taped voice. Additional interviews also shed light on the twisted personality and psychosis that caused Mark Chapman to kill John Lennon. Distributed in cooperation with Network Ireland Television. (HD, 1 x 45') 

Laila Peak

Laila PeakWith one of the most challenging peaks an explorer can face, Laila Peak is situated in Pakistan’s beautiful Karakorum Mountains. Climbing this mountain in the brutal winter is an especially dangerous task. An impossible feat to amateur mountain climbers, a group of friends take on the challenge using minimal technological equipment. (1 x 45', HD) Watch trailer

Magnificent Motorcars

Magnificent MotorcarsThis is about the art...not engine size or how fast the car will go. This is a series about the cars, collectors and the stories behind rare and unique automobiles. The show will take you back to a time when automobiles represented more than transportation; when they were part of the lifestyle for the elite, and a time when the designer for these creations were considered to be an artist. Currently airing on Velocity in the USA. 
(26 x 30', HD) Watch trailer

Millennials: Growing Up in the 21st Century

MillennialsProvides an often emotionally raw look into the lives of a diverse group of children as they transition from the innocence of childhood, through the turbulence of adolescence and emerge as young adults.  Through yearly candid interviews over a course of 14 years,Millennials echoes in real life what the Oscar nominated film Boyhood has done in fiction. Distributed in cooperation with Network Ireland Television. (6 x 60', HD)
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Mud Max

Mud MaxNo disaster in recent history has created as much controversy as that of the mud volcano in Indonesia that suddenly erupted in May, 2006. Spewing up to 150,000 cubic meters of hot mud daily over a nearby population of 50,000, this was no ordinary mud volcano! Was it an act of nature or was it triggered by the nearby oil drilling activity? The debate continues and this documentary will allow you to make up your own mind. (1 x 60', HD) Watch trailer

Music Voyager

Music VoyagerExperience the beauty of diverse destinations around the globe from Istanbul to Japan to New Orleans using music as the story vehicle.  With local musicians as our guides and co-hosts, you’ll be immersed in the culture and lifestyle as the creative artists provide an intimate look into the music, lifestyle, cuisine  and culture of their city or country. (40 x 30', HD) Watch trailer

On the Trail of Shackleton

On the Trail of ShackletonSouth Georgia is a territory located in the frigid and stormy southern Atlantic, known for its magnificent glaciers and mountains that rise up 3,000 meters. 1n 1916, a dangerous expedition took place as Sir Ernest Shackleton set out to explore the Antarctica region.  Almost 100 years later, a group of explorers retrace the experience of the legendary polar explorer. (2 x 55', HD) Watch trailer

One Week Job

One Week JobAfter graduating from college, Sean Aiken created The One-Week Job Project. His goal: to work fifty-two jobs in fifty-two weeks in search of his passion. He traveled across North America, reinventing himself as a firefighter, a stock trader and more. The true story of one guy who set out to find his passion and discovered a movement.  (1 x 76’) Watch Trailer

Piedra de Luz

Piedre de LuzRising up to 7,925 meters, the superb ice rock monolith Gasherbrum IV is one of the most beautiful mountains in Karakorum.  Its escalation also makes it one of the most dangerous and difficult challenges a mountain climber can face. See the exciting story and adventure five friends experience as they accept the risks and take on the adventurous climb. (1 x 48', HD) Watch trailer

Soccer Shrines

Soccer ShrinesTo billions of fans around the world, soccer is not merely a game – it’s a religion. Follow the pilgrimage of some of the most passionate worshippers of the game as they visit their hallowed grounds to the world’s most revered soccer stadiums. Come to understand their unmatched devotion to the world’s most popular game. (HD, 13 x 30') Watch trailer

Song of the Dunes

Song of the DunesIn India today, over 160 million people are born “Untouchables,” assumed to be low caste, almost sub-human in the hierarchical Hindu caste system. They suffer human rights abuses including murder, rape, and lynchings. Now the stories can finally be told of the Untouchables’ battle with life's struggles, trying to find equality from severe caste discrimination, and how their music keeps their indomitable spirit alive. (HD, 1 x 55') Watch trailer

Spirit of the Marathon II

Spirit of the Marathon IIShare in the trials and the triumphs of seven runners from around the world as they journey to the Rome Marathon. Witness their endurance as they race through the streets of Rome to the finish line.  The documentary also features insightful interviews with marathon greats such as Stefano Baldini, Paula Radcliffe, Frank Shorter, and many others, as they offer perspective and insight into this legendary race.  (1 x 115', HD) Watch trailer

Time in the Minors

Time in the MinorsTrying to succeed in the fiercely competitive world of professional sports can make or break you. TIME IN THE MINORS documents the lives and passionate dreams of two minor league players on their arduous journey to becoming Major League Baseball players. Follow each young man from pre-season and beyond through the physical and emotional ups and downs of life in professional baseball, and the dream that keeps their hopes alive.  Will either player attain his ultimate goal? (1x60' and 1x85') Watch trailer

The Wayman Tisdale Story

The Wayman Tisdale StoryThe moving and inspirational award winning documentary celebrating the life and legacy of Wayman Tisdale, a three time All-American, Gold Medal Olympian, former NBA star, and world renowned jazz musician.  Features interviews with Michael Jordan and other NBA players. (HD, 1 x 66') Watch trailer


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