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Children's Programs

The Choo Choo Bob Show

The Choo Choo Bob ShowAll aboard for the adventures of Choo Choo Bob and his wacky friends as they visit railroads and museums all over the country, sing songs with each other or with guest musicians such as Ozomatli and Haley Bonar, and visit Tinyland, the small world located on Choo Choo Bob's train layout.  (36 x 12', HD) Watch trailer

Descubra Inglés

Descubra InglesSpanish speaking youngsters will have fun learning English under the teaching of Maestro Javier and friends in this animated musical series.  The series includes short English lessons with practice time, on-screen visuals for vocabulary and words, colorful characters and catchy songs for each letter of the alphabet! An interactive and entertaining way to hear and learn English! (HD 26 x 3-5' or 26 x 30') View Segment

Eco Company

Eco CompanyWhat does it mean to go green as a teen? An inspirational new show hosted by teens who combine their natural curiosity with their enthusiasm for preserving the planet they will inherit. Each week, the E-Co Team reports on various aspects of being green and how we can impact our world. Viewers will have the opportunity to share their own stories and learn who they, too, can make a difference. (HD 50 x 30') Watch trailer


EnviropalsYoungsters ages 4 – 8 will be fully entertained as they join in the adventures of "Rae Rae the Red Panda" and his friends Safari Stan, Safari Sue and the Safari Kids along with their 16 zany animal puppet friends.  In a fun yet educational style, this fast paced series introduces children to conserving the environment, science and the animals we need to protect. (HD 52 x 30') Watch trailer


KinderzooA show about animals presented by animals. Part live-action, part animation, Kinderzoo is designed to stimulate and educate 2 - 6 year old pre-school children in a highly entertaining manner. Set in a fictitious 'open' wildlife reserve (the Kinderzoo), the theme of conservation through education is promoted by using wild animals as the key leads in each episode. (HD 26 x 12') Watch trailer


Mickey's Farm

Mickey's FarmOffers a unique blend of live action, colorful animation, fantasy visuals, and original music for preschool children. The show features Mickey, a real Sheltie Sheep dog, and 14 year-old Megan, his wise, fun-loving best friend as they explore new things and encourage learning, problem-solving, friendship and co-operation. (HD 143 x 11') Watch trailer

Nature Adventures with Terri and Todd

Mickey's FarmHit the trail with Terri and Todd as they share their love of nature and explore the scenery, history, activities, and wildlife of unique destinations. This is a real nature adventure reality show where the whole family will experience the unexpected and learn about our wondrous outdoor world firsthand! (HD 91 x 30') Watch trailer

The Outsider's Club

The Outsider's ClubThe Outsiders Club is a trend-setting, fast-paced Emmy Award-winning series that will show kids the fun and excitement they'll have living an active outdoor lifestyle. The Outsiders Club's hosts and club members meet up with young experts who will guide them in activities that will get them moving and enjoying all that nature and being outside has to offer! Each episode will also showcase fascinating 'Did you Know' and 'Nutritional Moments' segments. (HD 33 x 30') Watch trailer

Pets in Paradise TV

Pets in ParadiseA series the whole family will watch together! From heart-warming stories, educational facts, pet care tips, Pets in Paradise TV explores the special bond between animals and humans with a goal of improving the relationship between people and their pets. (HD 26 x 30') Available in the USA only. Watch trailer

Real Life 101

Real Life 101Have you ever wondered what you might want to do for the rest of your life?  Well, Real Life 101, aimed at teens and young adults, introduces you to real people doing real jobs.  From doctors, lawyers and veterinarians to career counselors, drug counselors, and special effects directors, we cover them all.  Join our energetic hosts for a weekly half-hour of fun and entertainment. Rated High for Educational Content by the Annenberg Policy Center.  (103 x 30' SD; 103 x 30' HD) Check out our web site for help in pursuing the career of your choice. Watch trailer

Sing and Spell

Sing and SpellA delightfully entertaining animated series for preschoolers to give them a jump on learning the basics of phonics as well as their letters and more. Children will enjoy watching Miss Cathy in her classroom. Plus, they'll have fun singing along with the cast of quirky, amusing characters and animals as they reinforce Miss Cathy's lessons. Also useful for teaching English as a second language. (HD 13 x 30' plus 1 x 30' Christmas Special).
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